1. Provide support and hope; teach wholeness and acceptance to female victims and survivors of sexual exploitation, and/or persistent daily violence, and/or domestic or international human trafficking.
  2. To work with each survivor to address the resultant homelessness, mental illness, PTSD and addictions she may be experencing.    The focus of care will proceed through providing the resources, advocacy and welless treatment needed to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Injury and/or the resultant effects of having survived Human Trafficking and/or sexual exploitation.
  3. To provide support beyond "treatment" that enables survivors of human trafficking and/or sexual exploitation to find their place in society and seek the community help they need as they live with new found dignity, worth, and economic freedom.  
  4. to sensitize and promote awareness of the special needs of women and girls overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Injury) due to persistent daily violence and/or sexual trauma, to whomever  Women Of Value Education And Support Society is in contact with and, whenever possible, to share mutual gifts and talents;
  5. To educate the public and professionals about the prevention of, and responses to sexual exploitation of women, girls and boys,  by offering courses, seminars, conferences and meetings and by collecting and disseminating information on that topic.
  6. To educate the public and professionals about the significance of how a female experiences Post Traumatic Stress Injury (Disorder) and its relationship to women’s ongoing struggles with overcoming sexual exploitation and persistent violence in her life as well as homelessnes, mental illnesses and addictions.
  7. To assist those affected by sexual exploitation and those overcoming persistant daily sexual violence, through counselling, education  and wellness treatment programs that will address Post Traumatic Stress Injury, homelessness, mental health challenges and addictions; all associated with overcoming the trauma of having been sexually exploited and/or Human Trafficked.
  8. To provide affordable and secure housing for women who have been emotionally, physically and spiritually injured as a result of having been sexually exploited and/or Human Trafficked
  9. Forge a national commitment to share resources and advocate for exploited girls, boys, women and men, no matter their current lifestyle or choices forced upon them arising from their exploitation.
  10. Provide and share expertise and resources with communities, agencies and individuals who are pursuing similar goals, forging wellness treatment and dignity for persons who have been sexually exploited and/or survived persistent daily violence and/or were human trafficked and are overcoming PTSD.
  11. Provide full time education for academic courses, life skills, relational health, relapse prevention, P.T.S.D. Wellness management and financial literacy.