Women of Value as a charity started as casual meetings among some of the core board members in 2014 and officially registered in November 2015.

Women of Value Education and Support Society believes that when you educate a woman you change a generation. This principle rests as a corner stone of all our work. The Mission of Women of Value is to provide safe nurturing homes; long term education…this is the core of our work.  The priority of Women of Value is to provide unfettered and open-ended access to education to youth and women who are normally homeless, living on the margins of society, unable to get to school because of poverty, addiction and mental illness. Women of Value provides a learning environment where all of these obstacles can be overcome and education can thrive.

WOMEN OF VALUE is committed to following the Saskatchewan New Start Principles of training, which assumes that learners are capable of self-directed development; training is a process of self-development through collaborative inquiry; and the role of the “teacher/facilitator” is that of being a resource to the self-directed learner.

The NewStart Life Skills model intends that the student, who not only gets information, but once having been taught a skill also gains a degree of competence in using the skill through required behavioral rehearsals called “skills practice”. WOMEN OF VALUE believes that if the student does not act on what they know – the experience is fruitless, knowledge alone is not enough.

The appropriate use of skills requires the student to modify their behaviour to the circumstance; furthermore, it emphasizes that every student must personalize the knowledge and skills to apply to their own lives. The student practices the skills in the “here and now”. Nothing can change the past; the students can however learn to relate effectively in the present and for the future.  Relational Mastery courses identify the criteria for the responsible use of skills and provides practice in the application.

WOMEN OF VALUE has built a comprehensive and all inclusive long term program that goes to the heart of homelessness and ensures that the women, who come to stay, leave with education, life skills and employment skills to sustain independence.  WOMEN OF VALUE EDUCATION AND SUPPORT SOCIETY is an agency that stands as an innovation with no comparable service being offered anywhere.